The Entlebucher "Lady"

author unknown but obviously an Entlebucher owner in a city location.

The Entlebucher must be aware of the good qualities of the other members of it's breed, because it seems always trying to best them. In no way should it's small stature give rise to doubts about it's abilities and versatility. When I first put a collar on my bitch when she was puppy there was no sign of protest. It seemed quite natural for her to walk obediently at my side. The first walk in the city streets also presented no problem; she moved gracefully, and her beautiful coat caught many an eye. She seemed a natural for her name: Lady.

An average day for Lady begins with floor gymnastics, i.e. her lying on her back while I stroke her stomach for several minutes. Her first walk is taken after breakfast. Depending on the weather, she goes on the leash, on city streets or immediately into the open country she loves so much. There she can fetch thrown sticks to exhaustion. The occasional rabbit crossing her path no longer bothers her, and why should it? It is common knowledge that these dogs are not affected with the normal passion for the hunt. In the afternoon we go out again. I have noticed she no longer pays any attention to cats. Perhaps she has had a bad experience. She gets along quite well with strange dogs. German Shepherds are the sole exception. Ever since a tussle with a German Shepherd, which I saw as a draw, she has given them wide berth. I'm convinced this is a sign of her intelligence rather than cowardice.

After each walk she take up her post in the living room, but never lets me out of her sight. After dark her so-called guard duty begins. She sits outside the front door and takes note of goings on along the street. No strangers may now gain entry to the house. Our children, grandchildren and all friends of dogs, however, are received with friendly greetings beyond all expectation.

Part of our evening routine is five minutes of playing with a tennis ball, which I take from her mouth and throw to the farthest corners of the house. But she never becomes overbearing and always knows when enough is enough. This is also a sign for her to find a spot on my lap. At this point it is she that demands absolute peace. When she is aroused from this spot, her day comes to an end. But without a bedtime treat, she cannot be persuaded to find her way to her bed.

If possible, one should take an Entlebucher to a training arena so she can display her skills. My bitch has passed the traffic safety test, which I find sufficient since she is not a working dog. An attack dog decoy also is in for quite a bit of work with her. She loves nothing better than to latch onto a padded hand or arm and be swung from side to side.

One should never raise one's hand to another, even injest, in her presence. She will not hesitate to come to the aid of the threatened party. Her protector instinct is highly developed, and I know how adroit, strong, durable and tenacious she is. People may say I have spoiled my dog, but the Entlebucher's particular quality of unshakeable devotion to all members of it's family make it hard to deny the dog anything. Thus it is inevitable that any Entlebucher will be more or less spoiled. Who can resist it's faithful gaze?

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