DINO von der Frohmatt

Hans-Beat Mosimann - Switzerland

Dino tops them all. Following his protection dog training he passed the additional test for "Army Dog" with ease. The four year old Entlebucher is the smallest army dog in Switzerland. He was bred at the original home of the breed in Entlebuch.

His owner, Hans-Beat Mosimann, is a dogmaster in the army. Daily training of Dino, private and professionally, is taken for granted. Most of Dino's four-footed colleagues in the army are German Shepards. Dino, after two years of training, was put into service in search work. During working hours he wears the white cross on red. Mosimann looks exclusively after Dino. Each dogmaster looks only after one animal.

Why the Entlebucher -smallest of the Sennenhunds?

Mosimann: I know of no other dog that understands and learns as quickly. In addition the easy care and disease resistance are a plus. The loveable dog is, even in Switzerland, often mistaken for a crossbreed or a young Bernese with too short a coat. This suits the friends of the breed just fine - they know what they have in their dogs.

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