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The Entlebucher is the most intelligent breed of dog I have known. This is only an advantage if you have experience communicating with dogs. They certainly can and will challenge you. It's only a test. Knowing how to handle the pup's development will directly affect the grown dog you end up with. Puppies go through developmental and fear periods. It is absolutely essential you not only understand this, but know how to handle these periods. I recommend the book "The Art of Raising a Puppy" Little Brown & Company; ISBN: 0316578398, by The Monks of New Skete, which explains in detail the stages of your puppy's development. "How to be your Dog's Best Friend" Little Brown & Company; ISBN: 0316604917 also by the Monks is a worthy read.

The socialization of your puppy is extremely important. Establishing a chain of command that places the dog below all the other family members must be understood. Communication is the key. It is not optional it is essential. If you have trouble communicating to your puppy you will have trouble controlling your adult dog. For that reason I would not recommend the Entlebucher to first time dog owners unless you thoroughly educate yourself and all members of your family in techniques of communication. The first step is the recommended reading above.

Rarely is it the dog's fault. It's a matter of the environment, training, committment and the owner's ability to communicate with the dog. Understanding these variables will avert any misdiagnosis of behavior of your dog. The following links offer valuable information in addition to the other great sources listed on this site.

Dog Owner's Guide A fantastic source of information on almost any subject relating to the proper upbringing of a healthy well-mannered dog.