www.entlebucher.org for sale


We have decided to retire. If you are interested in this domain name for your Entlebucher club or Breeding program contact us.

We have taken great pride in this site and the information we have been able to provide to the world since 1996 regarding this rare breed.

This is the number one most visited site on the internet for the Entlebucher. Search Google or others search engines and see for your self.

We receive scores of inquiries for puppies, but as we have decided to retire from breeding we would like see this site go to a breed club or quality ethical breeder with outstanding breeding stock.

Sale will include transfer of domain www.entlebucher.org which is paid and current through 1-7-2006. Sale will also include a one time update, customized with the new information for your club or kennel.

Price $5000 US Dollars

inquires by email only

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