Please review the following categories to help determine the right pup for you.
Pet/Companion - This is what most folks are after. A sound healthy pet and family member. Markings are a secondary consideration. Der Viking places most of its pups as pet/companions. Consideration is given to environment and personality testing to create an ideal match between pet and family. All pet/companion pups include spay/neuter agreement. No restrictions with regard to entering dog in competition.

Show/Breeding Prospect - A pup placed in this category exhibits the highest marks in all categories. Markings are symmetrical including face, chest and feet. Colors per standard and void of any undesirable marks. Crisp black points on cheeks. Evaluated proportions are most desired according to the breed standard including, stance, skull shape, chest width, torso and leg length. If you are seeking a top prospect for either show or breeding, Der Viking Entlebuchers may indeed have that pup. Complete evaluations are performed at the 7th week of age and reflect the best possible projections of the adult dog. Past prospects have excelled in competition. Naturally a breeding dog should possess all of the best possible traits and features of the breed. As long as only the best examples of the breed are properly matched for breeding, the Entlebucher will indeed prosper and not suffer the fate of rottweiler, golden retriever among others. Der Viking will occasionally have breeding prospects available for placement into approved homes.

Working - Only those with a situation such as working cattle or livestock, search and rescue or police work are eligible for this availability.



      If you are interested in acquiring an Entlebucher pup, please respond with some personal information, regarding your geographic location, type of residence, family size, lifestyle, etc. Your intentions for the dog; family pet, showing, breeding, personal companion, working a farm, etc. Specify gender preference, if any.
      Please allow a week for response.

      We welcome and encourage you to visit our kennel, located 40 miles northwest of Chicago.