Choosing the right dog

Dogs are the friendliest animals anyone would ever have for a pet. Getting a dog as your new friend at home is a brilliant idea; however, you should be aware of some things like how to deal with muddy paw prints or worse. For many people, having a dog as a pet is as essential as having an oil cloth tablecloth; if you are new here, you should have some of the essentials before getting into it. Remember, dogs can live for up to 13 years, and therefore before getting one, ensure that you are ready to get into that. It is not easy; it starts with you showering the dog with love during its puppy stage, being there in their naughty and tough teen stage, and finally helping them when they get old.

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Here we talk about the most important things you need to know and do before getting that fluffy chubby dog to your home. They include the following:

Conduct breed research

Before getting the beautiful and adorable dog, ensure you conduct severe breed research. It is essential to get a dog that will perfectly fit your environment and easily blend with your lifestyle. For a long time now, the breed Entlebucher Mountain Dog (Entlebucher Sennenhund - Entlebuch Cattle Dog) has been the best breed you can have as a pet. Why is it considered the best? You are probably asking yourself such a question; it is because you can have it at home and it can also help you in other tasks like herding, and that is why you will mostly find it in Switzerland. It is the perfect breed to get, primarily if you reside in the countryside; it quickly adopts any environment.

Spare a lot of time

Be prepared to sacrifice a lot of your time; this is similar to having a baby; getting a puppy generally means being there for them, helping them with the habits you don't like, and teaching them to be the best. This won't take a day or two, but it will take a lot of time before they master everything you feed into their minds. You might reach a point where you stop going out with your friends to attend to your puppy; sometimes, they get sick and need to see the vet; you are responsible for that.

Be ready to spend

Dogs are among the most expensive pets to keep; therefore, you should have money to help you take care of them from when they are puppies until when they are old. Remember, dog expenses do not end after buying your puppy; instead, that is when they start. You need to buy them food, take them to the vet, get a clean place to sleep, wash them, among many other care activities that need money. The breed you choose determines how much you will spend on taking care of the dog.

The bottom line

Getting a dog is similar to giving birth to another child to your family; therefore, you need to be prepared in every other way possible. Keeping your dog the right way will simplify your life because you will not have any trouble with the dog and your children or friends.